4 Ways Your Community Could Help the Boston Marathon Bombing Victims or Show Support

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, many a...

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, many are still in shock and want to do anything in our power to help out. In your apartment community, there are several different ways for you and your residents to help the victims of this tragedy and others, to show support, or to help other people in need.

Organize a community blood drive. According to the Red Cross, the organization currently has more than enough blood to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. However, there is always a need for blood, and even if it won’t help the people in Boston specifically, donated blood could help others in need. You can work with the Red Cross to set up a blood drive in your community, and have residents who are interested donate blood.

Run a community fundraiser. Set up a community fundraiser, where residents could help out or just participate, and donate the raised money to a charity that is helping the victims. Maybe make the fundraiser relate to Boston. For example, instead of a traditional bake sale, you could have a clam chowder cook off, or have food items that runners like, such as banana smoothies.

Host an emergency preparedness seminar for your residents. Though this won’t directly help the victims, it could help give your residents peace of mind. Do they all know the procedures that would take place if there was an emergency in the community? How does information get to the residents? When should they stay in the building, and when should they evacuate? Have someone on staff, or hire a disaster preparedness expert, to host a seminar.

Organize a community run or walk as a sign of solidarity. It doesn’t have to be an official race, but you could set up a short run or walk with your residents to show solidarity to the marathon runners. Have your residents wear blue and yellow—the colors of the Boston Marathon—or other race shirts, or clothing with Boston insignia (Red Sox hats, etc.).

What are some other ways communities could help the Boston Marathon victims, show support, or aid other disaster victims?

-Jessica Fiur, News Editor

Photo credit: Nuno Andre