4 Things Renters in Their Early 20s Want (And 2 They Don’t)

Remember when you were little and considered chicken nuggets and a soda the epitome of fine dining? (Actually, I still do, but that’s neither here nor there.) Tastes and needs change as we get older, and the same principles apply to renting. What people in their early 20s want is completely different from what retirees want. Knowing your renters can help you target the right age group when you’re showing your apartments.

In the next couple of blogs, I’ll be exploring what different age groups are looking for when they look at apartment rentals, starting with people in their early 20s.

What Renters in Their Early 20s Want in an Apartment 

For many people in this age group, this is the first time they’re living away from home, besides college—which is why it should be no surprise that what these renters want is similar to what dorms offer.

People their own age. After college, living in an apartment is essentially an extension of dorm living. People in their early 20s want to meet other people in their early 20s (it’s before they get bitter and realize many people in apartments just keep to themselves and don’t necessarily know their neighbors). Emphasize the friendliness of the community, as well as any building parties, etc. (They probably won’t attend, but they’ll like to know that people are encouraged to socialize.)

Proximity to bars. This is the big one. Restaurants too, of course, and entertainment, but definitely bars. Renters in their early 20s want to go out and have fun. They won’t mind as much as older renters if the apartments are a little noisy because of music from local bars or from their neighbors coming home at 4 a.m.

Large living spaces. Call it the Friends curse. (Or fill in any TV show that depicts young, beautiful people in expensive cities living in three-bedroom apartments on their waitress/barista salaries.) When people in their 20s look for their first apartments, they want big spaces, chock full of all the luxury amenities. Of course, not everyone in this age bracket is making their full earning potential yet, and they will probably have to settle on something smaller–unless they are willing to take on one, two, even three roommates. So, don’t be dismayed if when looking at a seemingly small apartment, these young renters wrinkle their noses. They’ll come around. And if you own a luxury building, you might want to try aiming a little older.

Safety. (Actually, this is usually more important to the young renters’ parents, but in many cases, they’re the ones paying the bills anyway.) As mentioned before, people in their 20s might be coming home at 4 a.m. after hitting a local bar. So if there’s a doorman or a security system, it will definitely be welcomed.

What Renters in Their Early 20s Aren’t Necessarily Looking For

Quiet. Of course, no one wants to live in a “loud” apartment. It’s just that renters in their early 20s tend to have a higher tolerance to noise than others.

Proximity to their offices. Yeah, young renters have to get to work, but they’ll find a way, even if that means sitting in traffic for two hours or taking three trains and a bus (and sometimes while hung over). It’s a bonus if they find an apartment they love that’s also an easy commute.

What else do you think renters in their early 20s are looking for?

-Jessica Fiur, News Editor