4 Things Property Managers Can Learn from Arrested Development

This is a very important weekend. Sure, it’s Memor...

This is a very important weekend. Sure, it’s Memorial Day and the unofficial kickoff of summer. There will be barbecues. And many of us get a day off from work. Whatever, though, right? The big news is that Arrested Development is coming back on Netflix!

[Pause for an awesome music interlude.]

This show, which first aired in 2003-2006 for three seasons, is back after popular demand for a fourth season. And as property managers, there’s a lot you can take from Arrested Development. No, seriously. Well, it’s worth a shot at least. What are you, chicken?

Just because an idea wasn’t well received the first time doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. When Arrested Development was on the air, it was loved by the critics and had a cult following, but it never reached mainstream success. But now, seven years after the show went off the air, there’s a huge demand for the next season. It’s appealing to an even bigger audience thanks to them being able to catch up on all the episodes on Netflix, as well as a killer marketing campaign. Do you have an idea that you know would be great for your community, but it sort of fizzled the first time you tried it? Maybe you tried to throw a resident party that wasn’t well attended, or couldn’t seem to get more likes on your Facebook page. Well, why not try again? Stick to your idea, but don’t be afraid to change things up. Maybe you need more time for advertising your party. Or offer a promotion or contest on your Facebook page. It could end up being better than ever.

Have a strong ensemble. Who’s your favorite character on the show? It’s totally Tobias, right? But also Gob. And Buster. And Lucille. Or Lucille 2. Or the loose seal. It’s so hard to choose. And that’s part of what makes the show great—how strong all the characters and how well they all work with each other. You staff should be just as cohesive, because they’re a team. Even if you’re not Mr. Manager, everyone’s role is still important.

Don’t cut corners with your buildings. Sure, it might be quicker and cheaper to get buildings up as quickly as possibly without worrying about thick walls or strong plumbing, but your residents will notice if their apartments aren’t well insulated or if they can hear their neighbors or if they get leaks all the time. And if they do, they’ll move out and write bad reviews of your community, which could affect future renters. Take the time and money to build quality apartments, unlike the model home the Bluths live in that was always falling apart. (Oh, and it would probably be good if you could also avoid committing some light treason while you’re at it.)

Look for ways to make extra income. Say it with me: There’s always money in the banana stand! Have you looked in to ways of earning ancillary income in your community? There are ways to earn additional income through telecommunications or submetering…even through pet fees. Take a closer look at your community for ways to earn ancillary income, and be creative!

What else can property managers learn from Arrested Development?

-Jessica Fiur, News Editor