Using Visuals to Attract Millennials

A brand well-known for its colorful creations is focusing on the Gen Y aesthetic.

By Andie Lowenstein, Associate Editor

Today’s competitive apartment marketplace requires uniqueness in order for housing to stand out and make a statement. In this process, it’s important to consider who your largest customer base may be and what will catch their eye. Millennials are who designers and property managers should be focused on. Millennials are known to be a more creative, self-expressing generation than previous ones. An effective way to appeal to these qualities is through color. Colors with optimistic and organic vibes are popular with them.

Niche Modern, a brand well known for its colorful and expertly crafted hand-blown glass creations, introduced a new design in May that will colorfully brighten any space.

The Helio Chroma Series delivers light from a single source, similar to the sun. Featuring a sleek, minimal and contemporary silhouette, it’s suitable for commercial, hospitality and residential settings. The product is hand-made in Beacon, New York. Like many of Niche’s new lighting products, Helio works on 120v and 240v electrical settings. As it continues budding into a global brand, Niche Modern is focused on designing products that are versatile and work around the world. Helio can be used with numerous lamping options, including, but not limited to: incandescent, compact fluorescent, LED bulbs – also including the Philips Slim dimmable LED bulb.

Helio has created a high-end, well-designed lighting pendant. Multi-pendant canopy options are available as well.