ULI Spring 2014 – Resilient Cities and Why They Matter

Dr. Richard Barkham, group research director at Grosvenor Group, discusses his firm’s Resilient Cities Research Report released at the ULI Spring Meeting in Vancouver last week. Barkham defines resilience as the ability of a city to avoid or bounce back from an adverse event, and it is a factor that long term real estate investors like sovereign wealth funds and pensions should have at the top of their list when determining where to invest.

According to the research, the 10 most resilient cities are: 1. Toronto; 2.  Vancouver, 3. Calgary, 4. Chicago, 5. Pittsburgh, 6. Stockholm, 7. Boston, 8. Zurich, 9. Washington D.C., and 10. Atlanta.

The 10 least resilient cities are: 41. Beijing, 42. Shanghai, 43. Sao Paulo, 44. Delhi, 45. Guangzhou, 46. Rio de Janeiro, 47. Manila, 48. Cairo, 49. Jakarta, 50. Dhaka.

For an in depth look at how resilience factors into commercial real estate, be sure to read The Business Case for Resilience, a special report by MHN senior editor Mike Ratliff.