U.S. Energy Group Launches Monitoring System to Help Owners Track Building’s Energy Issues

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorFresh Meadows, N.Y.–U.S. Energy Group has launched its new version of the USE Manager online monitoring system, USE Manager 5.3, which provides expanded graphing capability, allowing building owners and managers to immediately pinpoint any energy issues they need to address. Building portfolio managers can address issues quickly because the charts and graphs in 5.3 allow them to view all their critical heating system functions at a glance. The USE Manager 5.3 integrates information from the USE Controller Energy Management System (EMS) and the patented USE Verifier Digital Fuel Gauge.USE Manager has always been known for its alerting features, which direct attention to the most critical issues, allowing property managers to drive their buildings to peak operating efficiency. The new USE Manager 5.3’s interface allows for an ‘at a glance’ approach that provides richer and more dynamic information. “Our customers like to see exactly what is going on in their buildings,” says Jerry Pindus, CEO of U.S. Energy Group. “Now with the USE Manager 5.3, they can easily interpret the information they are viewing – the graphs make it very clear. They see their savings” David Unger, chief technology officer of U.S. Energy Group, says, “We give managers the ability to visualize the data from their heating systems across an entire portfolio so they quickly understand it and take action.”The new version has several features including graphs that compare the boiler runtimes for several buildings; charts which track boiler runtime and water loss to identify steam leaks, graphs which track boiler runtime alongside the outdoor and indoor temperatures. It also provides hourly reports, which show how the indoor temperature tracks to the desired indoor temperature (DIT) and the outdoor temperature as well as charts, which rank the order of the total runtime of each building in a portfolio, so that extremes can be identified and issues can be addressed.