U. of Utah Breaks Ground on $30M Clinic, its 14th in Salt Lake Valley

Investment opportunities can be found everywhere in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area but, in 2013, a focus on education and healthcare has been noticeable. A number of universities have expanded their facilities in 2013 and the latest institution to do so is the University of Utah. U of U is making a serious investment in the development of the new Midvalley Health Center, a facility that will provide quality dermatology care and ophthalmology services once it is completed.

A noticeable focus on education and healthcare has emerged this year in Greater Salt Lake City development. In the latest example, the University of Utah recently broke ground on Midvalley Health Center, a $30 million facility dedicated to dermatology and ophthalmology services.

The university paid $14 million for the project’s nine-acre site at 243 E. 6100 South, part of a $19.4 million allocation approved by the Board of Regents last year. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the remaining funds were used to buy a site in Farmington where the university plans to build a multi-specialty clinic.

Scheduled to open in the spring of 2015, Midvalley Health Center will be the university’s 14th clinic in Salt Lake Valley. Its 81,000-square-foot footprint is designed to accommodate future growth.

Image courtesy of University of Utah Health Care Facebook Page at facebook.com/UofUHealthCare