Trans Ceramica Introduces Mosaic Tiles

Designed to complement its existing GranitiFiandre and TCL products, Trans Ceramica‚Äôs new mosaic tiles offer metal, pebble, glass, stone and iridescent elements. The tiles are created to work with Nihon, NewMarmi and NewStone Collections from GranitiFiandre and Earth Naturals, Native Stone and Gallery Collections from TCL.Pottery, stone, glass and marble are the inspiration behind the new collection, which is offered in a wide array of materials and colors. These include copper, grey and black freeform (metal), serenity, tranquility and repose (pebbles), lemongrass, peppercorn, lavender, cinnamon, chicory, ginger, peony, dahlia, hibiscus, yucca, sagebrush and cactus (glass), mandarin sticks, camellia, fern, tulip, red clover, black orchard and snapdragon (glass and stone) and goldenrod, aster, meteor, eclipse, zodiac and comet (iridescent).The tile is premounted on either a 12×12, 13×13 or 14×12.5-in. format with thickness dependent upon the