Tile Redi’s Barrier-Free Shower Pans

Tile Redi’s new line of barrier-free products is expected to make entering the shower easier, as well as minimize potential accidents.“It’s tough enough for anyone to step over a bathtub wall when getting into the shower,” says Farrell Gerber, Tile Redi executive vice president, sales. “Imagine how difficult it is for a disabled person to do that? And, accidents can even happen with people walking into a non-bathtub shower, and tripping over the raised entryway lip, which is positioned to keep water from leaving the shower’s base and flowing over onto the bathroom floor.”Tile Redi’s barrier-free shower pans ensure that there is no raised wall as one enters the shower. Rather, the one-piece unit is slightly pitched so that all water, upon hitting the shower’s floor, instantly runs downward to the drain. This eliminates water running over onto the bathroom floor, minimizes water accumulation in the shower and, ultimately, could potentially cut down on users slipping and experiencing potential injuries. In addition, Tile-Redi barrier-free shower pans are expected to allow for those who must enter the shower on a wheelchair.Tile Redi patented and UL-listed shower pans are manufactured as pre-formed, one-piece molded shower modules. Complete with fully integrated drains, curbs and splash walls, each leakproof unit is pre-pitched for drainage.