The World’s First Building in Continuous Motion

By Rachel Block, reporterFlorence, ITALY–Italian architect Dr. David Fisher has recently designed Dynamic Tower, a building that is literally in constant motion.    Fisher, who studied architecture in Florence, Italy, did not get his idea for the “building in motion” until he moved to New York City. Fascinated by the intense skyscrapers, Fisher came up with the idea to construct the first “digital building,” a structure that would change shape every second. Each floor will rotate independently, creating the continuous change in shape of the building.”Everything is moving around us and changing,” says Fisher. “The building will be changing every moment… this building is going to be of many shapes.”The Dynamic Tower will open in Dubai in 2010 (pictured top) and in Moscow in 2011 (pictured bottom), with more locations in other parts of the world. The building in Dubai will feature 80 floors and will be 1,377-ft. tall. The 70-floor tower in Moscow will be 1,312-ft. in height. Fisher says there are plans to build one in New York City as well. In addition to constant rotation, the new building will be environment-friendly, utilizing wind turbines to generate electricity for itself, resulting in the first designed building that is self-powered. It will also be the first skyscraper to be built entirely from prefabricated parts custom made in a factory. This will result in many advantages during the assembling process: higher quality, a safer construction site, custom-made solutions, a 30 percent faster building process and 10 percent cost savings. One floor will be built in six days, as opposed to six weeks for traditional buildings. In addition, instead of the usual 2,000 workers needed for the job, only about 90 will be for construction of this tower.”Everything is possible in life,” Fisher explains. We should “open our vision to a new life.”