The Great Outdoors?

What do your residents think of your outdoor amenities and activities? MHN and Kingsley Associates partnered to find out.

What do your residents think of your outdoor amenities and activities? MHN and Kingsley Associates partnered to find out. 

“I have a 2-year-old kid and having a small play area or park in the community would be really helpful. Now, the kids play near the swimming pool area, which is sometimes dangerous.” —Fremont, Calif.

“I love the nature trails around the property because I can take my daughter and dog out for a walk or a bike ride and feel safe. It is hard to find safe trails to walk and ride bikes on in the city, but we are lucky enough to have them in our backyard.” —Durham, N.C.

“We should have more resident events like a pool party or outdoor movie night (in the pool area). Did I say pool party? Everyone loves pool parties!” —Round Rock, Texas

“The outdoor amenities sets this community apart from others. Not only do we have an outdoor community kitchen and fire pit, but we also get to enjoy a jogging track that goes around the lake.” —Kissimmee, Fla.

“The community’s outdoor spaces are not as family friendly as my last complex’s outdoor spaces. I know space is limited, but even having a play structure for children out there would be great or maybe green space for grilling. Just a thought.” —New York

“I love having a fenced yard for my little dog! I have been here for nine years and every time I contemplate moving, I can never find another spot with a yard, which is why I continue to rent here year after year.” —Keller, Texas

“The outdoors facilities are not up to today’s standards. There is no proper barbeque, no Jacuzzi, no adequate tables or chairs for the amount of residents, and no proper guide lines or posting for how a dog owner should behave in a community environment.” —San Mateo, Calif.

“If I could improve one thing, it would be the outdoor sitting area. It’s closed after 9 pm during the summer, but it’s relaxing to sit outside, play cards and enjoy friends’ company once the sun goes down. I wish we could use the outdoor seating area after hours.” —Prospect, Ky.

“The courtyard in front of our apartment is becoming a large toilet for people’s dogs. I would suggest adding a fenced-off area of the courtyard to make a dog run. Then the kids can play in a clean environment.” —Lafayette, Calif.

“I love the monthly yoga events on the rooftop. It is great to do yoga with the city skyline in the background. Such a great outdoor event!” —Seattle

“There should be more outdoor grills and resident gatherings such as pool parties and barbeques on the weekends to people can unwind and enjoy the outdoor amenities.” —Lewisville, Texas

“People make a lot of noise around the outdoor fire pit during late hours. The fire pit is currently in front of homes, but it should be moved near the volleyball sand area. That way residents do not hear the excessive noise during those hours of night.” —Wildomar, Calif.

“Having a community gardening club would be fun! The club can help by planting beautiful flowers in front of each building. The older residents who are retired and home all day would love this!” —Florissant, Mo.

“A covered outdoor area would be great. The current outdoor area doesn’t have covered sitting spaces, thus only usable when it doesn’t rain. We live in Seattle, so it almost always rains.” —Seattle

“The outdoor common areas are not cared for. The trash overflows, the courtyards and walkways are not cleaned daily and the furniture is not holding up well. The roof patio is totally neglected. It’s really sad to see the decline in areas with so much potential.” —San Antonio