Tata Housing Unveils New High-End Residential Community in the National Capital Region of India

Tata Housing Development Company is rolling out a new luxury residential project called Arabella.
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Gurgaon, India—Tata Housing Development Company is rolling out a new luxury residential project called Arabella. The developer has announced the new project for the area located in the Gurgaon district, making it the fourth of its kind to be developed by Tata in the National Capital Region.

The Arabella will be developed on a 35-acre site located in the core of Gurgaon – Sohna Road. The 150 villas offering units with three-to-five-bedrooms will feature a host of upper-tier amenities such as private elevators, outdoor pools, roof top landscaped entertainment areas, solar hot water heating and VRV air-conditioning. The project is meant to also encompass a natural lake, a rock garden and a neighborhood farm, intended to help residents connect with the community’s surroundings. The project is bordered on three sides by green farmland and a dense green buffer planned along the entire Sohna Haryana Highway.

Developer Tata Housing has included an official statement in the launch of the project, noting that “the last decade has witnessed a substantial increase in demand for super luxury residences which have expansive living spaces and extremely sophisticated design and specifications by the new class of wealthy consumers.” These new consumers are known in India as the Urban Elites, a product of the improving tech sector, a social blanket that is looking for high-end features in a more egalitarian structure.

Gurgaon is one of 21 districts in the Haryana state located in northern India. The city of Gurgaon is one of the leading financial and industrial centers in the NCR, benefitting from rapid urbanization and an influx of new tech jobs. The city is now in the top three in terms of per capita income in the entire country, priming the area for the appearance of the Urban Elites, and a growing demand for upscale residential space.

Set to be developed off the Sohna Haryana Highway, the Arabella will draw its design and look from the nearby Aravalli mountain range, the oldest fold mountains in the country. The design provided by U.S.-based architecture firm Perkins Eastman is meant to act like an extension of its unique geographical setting.