Swan Introduces Decorative Inlay Kit

The Swan Corp. has launched a new decorative inlay kit (DS-1260GO) for use with Swanstone Shower Walls. The decorative wall strips enhance and extend shower panels.The kit, available in a geometric pattern, consists of accent strips that inlay into Swanstone wall panels, creating both an extension of the wall and an added aesthetic touch.The new decorative inlay kit is made of reinforced solid surface material with color and texture that will not wear away. The easy-to-install kit creates a watertight seal. Each decorative inlay kit includes three decorative strip panels, six T strips, an installation kit and instructions. The kit is available in 29 colors and fits nearly all Swanstone tub and shower wall kits. It meets a variety of standards and ratings, including a Class 1A fire rating.www.swanstone.com