SureDeposit Integrates with Resident Data

By Rachel Block, ReporterLivingston, N.J.–SureDeposit, which offers a security deposit system, has recently integrated with Resident Data to combine the two companies’ product services for their customers.SureDeposit offers a residents opportunity for paying a lower priced “surety bond,” rather than an expensive security deposit, which both improves a property owner’s risk management and lowers a resident’s move-in cost. SureDeposit is now going one step further by integrating with Resident Data, ChoicePoint’s resident screening service, to help their clients utilize both services. SureDeposit will automatically be offered to prospective residents during Resident Data’s resident screening process. The integration will be advantageous to both companies’ clients, enhancing the risk management process without additional cost or effort, says the company. “The most important thing today is to come up with solutions that are going to help residents lower their move-in costs because of the economic environment,” says Rich Schreiber, president of SureDeposit.        Schreiber says that the integration will do what all integrations between providers do: save time and make things more streamlined. All applicants need to be screened, which requires a certain amount of data for each applicant. The integration eliminates the duplication of effort by directly transferring the resident data into SureDeposit’s database. Potential residents will simply complete their rental application, and Resident Data and SureDeposit will come up with the appropriate bond amount based on the bond that was requested and the applicant’s criteria contained in the application.     “We both wanted to integrate our products,” Schreiber says. “It’s a benefit to both companies and more importantly to the customers and residents.”