Summit Management Services Inc. Improves Employee Performance with Yardi eLearning

Residential housing owner and manager Summit Management Services Inc. has measured significant returns on its investment in Yardi eLearning.

Santa Barbara, Calif.—Residential housing owner and manager Summit Management Services Inc. has measured significant returns on its investment in Yardi eLearning™, an online employee training solution, in the form of improved staff performance and closer team cohesion.

Summit Management Services believes that the sooner employees learn to use its Yardi property management products, the faster they add value to the company. With workers spread across several U.S. states and multiple time zones, one-on-one training isn’t feasible—but Yardi eLearning, which delivers online courses directly to employees’ desktops or mobile devices, is a highly effective alternative.

“We wanted a new training solution because our platforms for property management and accounting, revenue management, resident screening and other operations aren’t beneficial if our employees don’t know how to use them,” said Catherine Harris, vice president for Summit Management Services. “Since adopting Yardi eLearning we’ve seen new hires perform at a high level sooner. The training platform helps them bond immediately with our company’s values and creates a positive relationship that supports our retention efforts. Yardi eLearning also keeps our veteran employees up to speed on Yardi Voyager® and our other products. This is excellent ROI.”

Along with performing new-hire orientation quickly and efficiently, Summit Management Services also uses Yardi eLearning to present customized courses on company policies and such topics as Fair Housing across the employee population. On-demand courses are accessible at any time of day, allowing employees to complete training obligations without interfering with their leasing or resident service responsibilities. Reporting tools built into Yardi eLearning enable Summit Management Services to track course attendance, completion and results.

“Just as Yardi Voyager provides a single platform for multiple operations, eLearning represents an accessible, interactive learning environment that lets Summit Management Services fulfill multiple training priorities in one stop. The solution helps the company acclimate employees to its culture and expectations and draw maximum value from its technology investments,” said Terri Dowen, senior vice president of sales for Yardi.