Summer is Coming, Upgrade Your Grilling Game Now

Grilling is a great way to get your community interacting. A new line of ultra premium grills from Viking are sure to make your outdoor space the envy of the submarket.

By Mike Ratliff, Senior Associate Editor

Vkg_OutdoorKitchen w_VGIQ54203RE_alt-angle_kickAfter an especially brutal winter, why not treat your residents to a present this spring? Temperatures need to warm up just a bit more and people will be looking for any excuse to be hanging outside. Nothing brings a community closer than grilling, and the outdoor kitchen is an amenity that can make your spot the envy of the neighborhood.

While there are dozens of companies offering great outdoor cooking solutions, the quality and brand recognition of Viking can be a selling point for potential renters. The company famous for their top of the line cook tops has recently introduced a new line of Viking Professional Outdoor 5 Series grills, carts and companion units to an already fairly extensive line of outdoor products.


So the new 5 series group consolidates the previously offered 500/300/100 series into an ultra premium line. All these new outdoor grills are 24 inches deep, and include 25,000 high intensity BTU stainless steel grill burners that offer restaurant results with superior corrosion resistance. Stainless steel grates conduct heat and ensure for even cooking. There is also a trademarked Easy Lift Canopy System makes opening the grill a breeze.

Blue_LED_ControlLighting_B2Additional features include a one touch 120V electric ignition system and an automatic re-ignition system that ensure the grill reignites any inadvertently extinguished flames. A ceramic briquette flavor system provide even heat distribution while minimizing the dreaded flare-up. Finally, there are some innovative design elements that include Viking Blue SoftLit LED Lights that accent the control panel and illuminate knobs for better visibility when grilling on a nice summer night.

Add-ons include a Side Burner and Wok Cooker, along with warming drawers, ventilation, under counter refrigeration and stainless steel outdoor cabinets. The top of the line, 54-inch Ulta Premium Gas Grill with TruSear Infrared Burner has an MSRP of $7,099. The smallest 30” Ultra-Premium Gas Grill has an MSRP of $4,199. Of course, there is a full range of sizes in between. For more information on how to get your residents outside, interacting and never wanting to move out, be sure to visits Viking’s online landing for outdoor cooking.