Spandrel Group Unites Property, Staffing, Marketing Services

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorNew York-based real estate executive and founder of Spandrel Property Services, Ian Levine (pictured), has now formed The Spandrel Group, the umbrella company uniting Spandrel Property Services with his newly launched ventures, Spandrel Marketing Services and Spandrel Staffing Services.Spandrel Property Services is a boutique property management and brokerage, founded in 2000. “Talk about the slowing economy and foreclosures is everywhere, and these are preeminent factors while launching a new business,” Levine tells MHN. “But what matters more is that the company is truly committed and focused on the customer.”According to Levine, each affiliate within The Spandrel Group will offer personalized service coupled with expertise of its own residential and commercial properties. Together, the affiliates will offer an operational synergy. “The companies will operate as separate entities but by presenting them as the Spandrel Group, we have the greatest control,” Levine tells MHN. “This provides our clients with the kind of responsibility they expect from us and they can be comfortable having just one point of contact. By offering our clients an array of synergistic services under a single umbrella, we believe that we will be able to secure a larger piece of the market share, continuing on our track of growth and diversification.” The Spandrel Group currently has 25 employees. Spandrel Staffing Services will provide highly skilled concierge, doormen, porters and handymen to New York City’s residential real estate market. According to Levine, who is negotiating a contract with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), its intended service personnel will be members of SEIU Local 32BJ, which represents over 50,000 building service workers in New York City.“Supervision and training of staff in residential buildings is lacking. Our staffing services are useful even to small buildings that cannot have staff to cover all shifts,” says Levine. Spandrel Staffing Services will supply client-based rather than location-based service. Spandrel Marketing Services will provide personalized real estate brokerage, consulting and marketing services, including the leasing, sales and repositioning of residential, retail, commercial and industrial in multiple states, on large- and small-scale development projects. Spandrel Property Services will continue to offer property management and developer related services as well as commercial brokerage on small-scale projects.