Spa Company Launches Division to Provide Consultancy for Creating and Managing Spas in Multi-Housing

New York–Cygalle Dias, founder of the Cygalle Healing Spa (CHS), has launched a spa management division to provide administration, operation, direction and supervision of spas at high-end luxury condominiums in North America.The new division offers services ranging from overseeing the creation of a comprehensive luxury spa to working with the management of an existing spa or fitness center. The first option includes partnering with a developer at the beginning stages of a condominium project in order to provide services such as working with the architect to design an ideal spa esthetic, creating a comprehensive spa menu based on the location, and hiring the spa staff from a pool of experienced practitioners. The second option enhances an existing fitness and/or spa center by providing specialized services such as massages, facial/body treatments, health care programs, lifestyle services, personal in-room or on-site fitness training and life coaching.“Demanding travel schedules, increased economic concerns and high intensity jobs have people more stressed out then ever,” says Cygalle Dias, founder of Cygalle Healing Spa.