Southern Diversified Products

Improvising on other eco-friendly paints in the market, Southern Diversified Products LLC (SDP) is manufacturing Mythic Paint, the first zero-volatile organic compounds (VOC), zero-toxins and non-carcinogenic paint. It is a latex paint, and unlike other green paints available, which remove toxins from the paint at a later stage, the Mythic Paint production process improves the paint at its core. The Paint Quality Institute has estimated that the VOCs in traditional paints make up 10 percent of the ozone depleting substances in the US. So for a green building, the zero VOC Mythic Paint is perfect.The paint is available in a 1,232-color palette and can also be matched to any other color through a proprietary toxin-free coloring system and using MatchRite Color Matching software.The Mythic Paint is a product of over six years of polymer research conducted by the University of Southern Mississippi.