Sonance Surface-Mount Loudspeakers

The new Sonance SM55 surface-mount loudspeaker combines a fast and flexible mounting system with serious sound quality. The SM55 loudspeaker is suited for installation in multifamily units where in-ceiling speakers are difficult to install. A simple, round steel mounting plate that accepts conventional speaker wiring is affixed to a standard ceiling “J-box,” via two supplied screws. The speaker is then set in place below it. Signal connection is automatically made between two male terminals integrated into the speaker and corresponding swiveling females in the mounting plate. After being set in place, the SM55 speakers can be rotated 90 degrees to align it to room surfaces, lighting fixtures or designer preference.The speaker features a coaxial duo of a 5 1/4-in. carbon-fiber cone woofer with a 1-in. Ferrofluid-cooled silk-dome tweeter.The speaker combines good sensitivity with substantial power-handling capability, so is compatible with a wide range of high-performance electronics, delivering high-end sound from a simple form that protrudes just 21/2 in. from the ceiling surface.The 10 3/4-in.-sq. Sonance SM55 loudspeaker enclosure is formed from a dense polycarbonate that resists resonances, improving musical clarity and dialog intelligibility. It is supplied with a full-coverage, removable, paintable perforated-aluminum