Software Company Strikes Deal to Provide Resident Screening

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorCincinnati–London Computer Systems Inc. (LCS), developer of Rent Manager property management software, is partnering with CBCAmRent, a resident screening company that allows rental applications to be processed by checking criminal, eviction and credit reports.“The demand has doubled every month since incorporating it into Rent Manager,” says Dave Hegemann, president and founder of LCS. “In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to know who you’re renting to, and our customers have been very pleased with this product.”LCS’s partner, CBAmRent is an affiliate of CBCInnovis, a consumer reporting company for real estate support businesses in the U.S. LCS has teamed up with CBCAmRent to fully integrate resident screening into Rent Manager’s property management software so that rent managers users can screen potential renters and check credit reports from all three major credit reporting agencies. A digital copy of the reports can be saved in Rent Manager for review.“We are excited to partner with Rent Manager and to deliver a “one-stop shopping” solution to our mutual customers,” says Linda Richer, director of resident screening for CBCAmRent. “Our goal is to provide instant screening decisions through industry partnerships for the benefit of the multifamily user.”