Snap Session: How 2020 Changed Multifamily Housing

Watch this free webinar on the new multifamily landscape and why proptech provides a competitive advantage.

The global events of 2020 have drastically changed the multifamily housing landscape. This year, the industry has had to navigate social distancing, new security concerns, and a push for safer, contactless solutions. Before 2020, multifamily housing professionals used convenience-focused amenities to set their buildings apart. Now, as renters’ priorities have shifted from convenience to security, safety-focused proptech is the key to higher rental rates and lower turnover.

Join us for this on demand webinar where we’ll cover:

  • What caused the shift in renters’ priorities and demands
  • How proptech can meet renters’ shifting demands and keep residents safe
  • Proptech’s role in the future of multifamily housing


On Demand Webinar:
How 2020 Changed Multifamily Housing


Steven Boyack
President & Global Head
of Property Management
Cyrus Claffey
David Danish
VP of Revenue and Marketing
Suzann Silverman, Editorial Director,


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