Sherwin-Williams Unveils Color Forecast for 2009

Chicago–What colors will help to define architecture and design for the 2009 season? The 24 shades selected by Sherwin-Williams color experts travel back and forth across the borders of four key trends: Techno-Color, Conscious Luxury, Local Momentum and Global Tapestry.New and recycled fiber technologies, an increased environmental awareness, and global influences–especially those of a new hot zone, Latin America and Buenos Aires in particular–have been woven together to inspire this color palette.In contrast to some previous trend forecasts, Sherwin-Williams has organized this one by color families.“Our goal with colormix ‘09 is to empower designers to use the forecast colors in their own unique and creative way,” says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “Organized by color families rather than trends, the collection speaks to the dynamics behind several key market insights and how they influence the 2009 color forecast.”Techno-ColorTechnology not only allows for the development of new colors, it also drives innovation in design. New fiber technologies are on the rise–such as soya and casein–and recycled fibers including cotton and wool have become more prevalent. “Techno-Color is inspired in part by new materials and manufacturing ideas,” Jordan explains. “Environmentally preferred materials are now available in color due to technology, and several hues in colormix ‘09 are influenced by this emerging concept.”Conscious LuxuryThe boom of consumers making eco-statements through upscale purchases inspired the “Conscious Luxury” trend. This is reflected in botanical hues, evoking the exotic destinations of eco-tourism and the sheen of brilliant, conflict-free gemstones. “In some cases, environmental awareness is becoming a status symbol,” Jordan says. “Conscious Luxury shows how being ‘green’ can translate into being chic.”Local MomentumEco-friendly, urban green rooftops and farmers’ markets are the look of the “Local Momentum” trend. Recycled materials and handmade items, such as ceramics and wooden sculptures by area artisans abound, along with locally inspired color palettes. “Local Momentum is about our personal surroundings,” Jordan notes. “The colors in our neighborhood landscape and architecture define our unique definitions of local.”Global TapestryIn contrast, hues from far-flung outposts provide the inspiration to craft the “Global Tapestry” trend. Shades from Russia and East Asia continue to be dominant threads, melding with those of a new hot zone, Latin America.“While our local environment serves as inspiration, so do international influences,” Jordan said. “Global Tapestry features hues from around the world, and we’re especially seeing an increase in colors inspired by Buenos Aires.”Here is a closer look at the color families in the latest Sherwin-Williams forecast.The BluesWater is a source of life, and heightened attention to this natural resource keeps blue in the forefront of colormix ‘09. Hues include the royal Dignity Blue (SW 6804), sky-soaring Quench Blue (SW 6785), serene Aqua-Sphere (SW 7613) and violet-tinged Celestial (SW 6808).Royal PurplesPlums and violets continue their regal influence, although with more red tones than in seasons past. Colors include the exotic Plummy (SW 6558) and more muted Plum Dandy (SW 6284).Bold RedsRed is refreshed in colormix ‘09 with a hint of orange, and Enticing Red (SW 6600) stirs the senses of vibrant botanicals with a Latin American flair. Pinks grow in sophistication, ranging from the bold, Generation Y-derived Zany Pink (SW 6858) and luscious Ruby Shade (SW 6572) to the romantic Insightful Rose (SW 6023).Spicy OrangesOrange transitions from a primary, bright shade to a more restrained, elegant hue. The spicy Tigereye (SW 6362) reflects global influences, while Constant Coral (SW 6325) has luxurious, cosmetic feel.Sunny YellowsSunny shades of optimism continue to shine in colormix ‘09, as evident in the vivid, blossoming Daffodil (SW 6901) and harvested Gambol Gold (SW 6690). And it’s hard to miss the tech-savvy Eye Catching (SW 6914), with its energetic green undertone.Grayer GreensGreens shift from yellow-based to grayer, as seen in Grandiose (SW 6404). Nature-inspired shades such as the grassy Lemon Verbena (SW 7726) make a splash, while the jewel-toned Alexandrite (SW 0060) leans toward the blue end of the spectrum.Natural Neutrals Taking cues from natural materials such as fibers, wood and stone, neutral hues in colormix ‘09 include the cashmere-toned Wool Skein (SW 6148), sandy Mesa Tan (SW 7695) and roasted Umber (SW 6146).Refined GraysRefined grays range from the subtle silver Zircon (SW 7667) to the industrial Keystone Gray (SW 7504) and the urban, concrete Gauntlet Gray (SW 7019).For all the colorful details, visit