Sharp Introduces Microwave Drawer Oven Models with Increased Capacity, New Features

Sharp’ s new 24- and 30-in. Insight Pro Microwave Drawer ovens have an increased interior capacity of 1.2 cubic feet. This microwave, which solves the important question of where to place the microwave, is ideal for open-plan kitchens, islands and tight spaces within multifamily homes.  In addition to increased capacity, the new model also includes a beverage center, which is tall enough to hold a 20-ounce takeout cup of coffee and wide enough to fit a 9-in.x13-in. oblong dish. The new model features smaller, lower drawer slides aimed to make it easier to reach into the cooking area, as well as clean the top and back walls. New offerings include expanded short cut options such as a ‘warm’ function for heating syrup for pancakes and dessert sauce for ice cream, a ‘keep warm’ function that keeps the serving temperature for up to 30 minutes, and ‘soften’ and ‘melt’ features to assist with frequently-performed cooking tasks. The sensor cook settings and defrost options have been expanded to more accurately reflect current food trends. New sensor settings include brown rice and sweet potatoes, while defrost options are now available for boneless and bone-in poultry.Users also have the option of accessing the drawer with Sharp’s Easy Open mechanism that opens and closes automatically with a gentle pull or push of the handle, or the open and close buttons located on the angled, front-mounted LCD panel for one-finger operation. The motorized mechanism allows for quieter and smoother operation and simplifies maneuvering dishes in and out of the drawer. For additional convenience, an open towel handle bar has been added.It is available in black, white or stainless steel