Serious Materials Releases Energy-Efficient Windows that Exceed Energy Star Requirements

Serious Materials has launched its ThermaProof energy-efficient windows, designed to save up to 40 percent in heating and cooling costs. Offering R-values of R-5 to R-11, the windows reportedly perform up to four times higher than current Energy Star requirements and exceed the proposed 2013 standards.The ThermaProof windows combine an insulated glass package with fully insulated framing systems to achieve a high insulation performance across the full frame. Additionally, the product features the following eight technologies: suspended mylar convection-reducing film system, inert noble gas fill, double seal, EcoSpacer, wet glazing of the insulated glass unit, new frame system with ultra-wide insulated glass units, fully insulated frame systems, and triple-fin weatherstripping.The windows are available in single-hung, double-hung, glider, casement, gliding-door, swing-door and curtain-wall models. Residential windows are also available in a composite stainable woodgrain interior