Sector Insights: Here’s What Everyone’s Talking About

Find out the latest on crucial segments of the multifamily market. What's new in workforce housing, senior housing, mixed use, market rate/luxury, low-income and student housing?

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Workforce Housing

June 2020: Workforce Investors Hope Stakeholders Maintain Interest

Senior Housing

June 2020: Senior-Housing Operators Put Safety First

Mixed-Use Housing

June 2020: Mixed-Use Retailers Count on Residents to Revive Business

Student Housing

May 2020: Student-Housing Firms Await School Decisions`

Affordable Housing

May 2020: Can Affordable Projects Fill the Gaps With OZ Funds?

Market-Rate Housing

May 2020: Luxury Renters Seek Community-Based Amenities

Workforce Housing

April 2020: Housing Funds Target Priced-Out Residents

Senior Housing

April 2020: Investors Put Stock In Owning Operations

Mixed-Use Housing

April 2020: Stadiums Add Ambiance To Neighborhoods

Student Housing

March 2020: In Student Housing, ‘Gen Z’ Amenities Go Back to Basics

Affordable Housing

March 2020: Could Tiny Homes Deliver Big Savings?


March 2020: Off-Site Building Gets Its Test in Multifamily