Search for Apartments on the iPad-There’s an App For It

Norfolk, Va.--The application mimics a realistic apartment search experience for prospective renters.

Norfolk, Va.– recently launched its free iPad application. The application mimics a realistic apartment search experience for prospective renters.

The iPad application was designed to cater to the tech-savvy consumer. The app incorporates popular iPad and iPhone features such as the ability to swipe through and enlarge property photos in a photo gallery. The application also adjusts the orientation—landscape or portrait— in which it may be viewed. With a map that is fully integrated into the search page, the prospective renter can change their apartment search location by simply moving the map.

“Apple specializes in creating integrated applications in an effort to provide a very unique user experience on the iPad,” says Brock MacLean, senior vice president of national sales and development, For Rent Media Solutions. “We wanted to create that same experience for our end users. By incorporating features that mimic tasks familiar to renters during the apartment searching process, the iPad application offers meaningful touches of realism.”

Results are instantly presented to the renter upon accessing the application. They can search for apartments using the map feature and use the notepad feature on the right to review the results. When using the notepad feature, once the renter has reviewed all the properties that have appeared on that page, they can “turn the page” and be presented with more listings. The iPad application is also the only iPad application in the multi-housing industry to incorporate full screen videos.

The iPad application is the latest product in the mobile suite offered by For Rent Media Solutions. In addition to the iPad, For Rent offers a mobile site with social sharing capabilities, an iPhone application complete with an augmented reality feature, an Android application, a BlackBerry application and a text messaging product. All products in the mobile suite were designed to accommodate the user on the go and provide an additional way for renters to communicate with property managers, ultimately creating the potential to generate more leads