Sandpiper Studios’ Introduces Sustainable ‘Eco Chic’ Wallpaper

Sandpiper Studios recently introduced Eco Chic, a wallpaper collection printed on paper from sustainable forests. Each pattern is printed with water-based, non-toxic inks.In addition to its material, Eco Chic is sustainably designed. Available in 22 patterns in a palette of 97 colorways, the wallpaper features elements drawn from nature, including grass, vines, leaves, trees, branches, wood grains, birds and butterflies.In an array of pastels and tonal hues, the collection is designed to convey a sense of tranquility. However, with the incorporation of darker tones—matte black, espresso, mocha brown, deep greens, teal, burnt orange and earthy reds—the collection reportedly expresses an urbane, chic mood. Oversized patterns with bright pinks, yellows and greens create a more pop culture