Safe-T-element: A Fire Prevention System

Pioneering Technology’s Safe-T-element is an affordable fire prevention system for the electric stove. It minimizes the risk of fire with round, cast iron plates that fit over each burner, plus individual controllers to regulate temperature. The cast iron plates over the burners and internal controllers keep heat from exceeding 662°F, below the point where the contents of pots and pans can ignite.  In comparison, a burner on an unregulated electric range can reach 1300°F, igniting cooking oil in as little as eight minutes. There’s reportedly no noticeable difference in cooking time and Safe-T-element-equipped stoves are said to use far less electricity, resulting in long-term savings of 25-35 percent.Safe-T-element is available as a retrofit or pre-installed on new stoves.It is recognized by leading U.S. and Canadian safety organizations, and received the Consumer Product Safety Innovation award from the U. S. Home Safety Council in 2006.