Rheem’s Water Heating System

Rheem’s solar water heating systems, called Rheem Solaraide, combines a storage tank with one or two collector panels. The system operates without pumps or controllers, relying instead on the natural process of convection – also called indirect thermosiphoning – to circulate the heat-transfer fluid. Rheem Solaraide systems use a specially developed, freeze-proof heat transfer fluid to absorb and deliver heat energy even on cold overcast days. The fluid also circulates in a “closed loop” environment, which further protects against freezing, allowing these systems to be used year-round, even in cold-weather locales.At night or on heavy-overcast days, an optional immersed copper sheath backup electric element automatically activates to meet hot-water demand 24/7.Rheem Solaraide solar water heaters are offered in two configurations: 47-gallon and 80-gallon.Both models have been tested and certified for durability, performance and efficiency by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC), with the 47-gallon model having received a Solar Energy Factor (SEF) of 1.3; the 80-gallon model, a 1.5 SEF. Rheem Solaraide systems can be used wherever solar energy cannot meet 100 percent of hot water needs. In these applications, the Solaraide unit can supplement a conventional hot-water system by pre-warming the water, so that the water heater or boiler uses less gas or electricity. www.waterheating.rheem.com