Revolutionizing Multifamily Deal Information

There’s a problem facing the real estate industry and ResiModel wants to fix it.

By Andie Lowenstein, Associate Editor

There’s a problem facing the real estate industry – there’s no universal standard for valuing multifamily properties. ResiModel wants to fix that problem.

339279-9484003775cacfb132169e1ce0e348c1-medium_jpgDeveloped with input from more than 300 leading multifamily buyers and brokers, its one of a kind hybrid Excel and Cloud platform makes modeling deals easy.

For brokers, ResiModel cuts buyers’ underwriting time by 50 percent by sharing property data in a standardized, electronic format. It ensures consistent, accurate cash flow projections firm-wide and provides per unit costs from comparable properties to substantiate projected cost savings. And, you can build your own database of operating comps and inform your clients about best practices.

Buyers can spend their time improving the quality of their assumptions, rather than managing models. They can compare operating data across similar properties to identify upside potential and prevent errors from accidentally being introduced by automatically generating each model from scratch. Also, buyers can cut underwriting time by 50 percent to enable their team to analyze and evaluate a greater number of deals.