RentPayment Residents Can Now Pay Rents by Phone

San Francisco–RentPayment, a division of YapStone, Inc., has launched Pay by Phone for rental residents. Through Fonality and the RentPayment Integrated Payment Platform, RentPayment users can now easily and quickly pay rent with the touch of a few buttons. The Pay by Phone option is available 24/7, works with any touch-tone phone and requires no Internet access. Fully secure unique user IDs and PIN numbers are given to each resident, says the company.  This system will help residents avoid late fees and enable property managers to reduce the time and expense associated with traditional means of payment.“This is just another way RentPayment provides convenient, easy, safe and reliable payment options to property manager and residents,” says Matt Golis, CEO of RentPayment.  This newest payment option in the suite of RentPayment offerings is built on YapStone’s leading edge technology platform and scalable for thousands of concurrent users. RentPayment handles $2.5 billion in payments annually for over 1,000 property management companies.