Renters’ Choice: Wishful Thinking

This month, MHN and Kingsley Associates ask residents what they hope to see at their communities in 2017.

A new year brings new opportunities. This month, MHN and Kingsley Associates ask residents what they hope to see in 2017 at their apartment communities.

MHN_RentsArt_800x600“An office copier and printer with Bluetooth is the way of the future.” —Chicago

“I am so happy to see the email about etiquette for dog owners. I hope this will trigger a positive change in the coming year.” —Atlanta

“I haven’t been able to participate in many of the events, but I think you do a fantastic job of providing options. I hope to attend some in the future.” —Littleton, Colo.

“I hope management will discuss the renewal process more than three months before the lease expires and will share with us the percent rent is going to increase or decrease.” —Pearland, Texas

“I hope that management acknowledges both the maintenance and the cleaning crews. The cleaning crew kept the building fresh and clean all year long.” —Arlington, Va.

“I know the USPS is the problem and not you, but it’s so frustrating when I’m notified that a package was delivered and it’s not there or it was delivered to the office and I didn’t get notice. Just wishful thinking for a better system.” —Mesa, Ariz.

“I only wish more residents showed up to the resident events. I know management is making the effort, but I see the same six-10 people every month.” —Saint Paul, Minn.

“I wish the office was open a little longer so I could pick my packages up after work.” —Denver

“I wish I could elect to have the newer finished put into my apartment. I understand that it would come with a premium rent increase, but I’ve lived in the same unit for years and feel like the carpet needs to be replaced and the vinyl floor is in dire need of an upgrade.” —St. Charles, Ill.

“I wish maintenance would leave a note indicating if they had been able to resolve the problem. I generally get an email several days later that maintenance had completed the request.” —Orlando, Fla.

“I wish recycling could be more of an emphasis. There is a small collection facility, but it is out of the way and inconvenient.” —Warren, Mich.

“I wish services, such as carpet cleaning, would be offered to residents who extend their lease each year.” —Santa Cruz, Calif.

“I wish the app sent a notification to remind residents to pay rent each month.” —Chicago

“I wish the yoga studio was open after office hours. I don’t get home until after 7 p.m. and would love to take advantage of the unique amenity.” —Alpharetta, Ga.

“I wish there was a move-in or some sort of resource guide. At first I had no idea that all packages would be delivered to the office or how to be registered with the entry system.” —Eden Prairie, Minn.

“I wish there were greater options and more flexibility when it came to cable and internet packages.” —San Francisco

“I wish we didn’t have to pay an extra fee just to pay rent online.” —Salt Lake City

“Management should consider a ‘good resident’ rent to encourage people to re-lease. Moving is stressful and it would be nice to know that my family and I do not need to start looking for a more affordable place in the New Year.” —Columbia, Md.

“We really like the people on the management staff, but we wish our voices were heard and someone would respond to us.” —San Diego