Renters’ Choice: Thanks a Lot!

This month MHN pairs up with Kingsley Associates to see what residents most appreciate about their communities.

MHN_RentsArt_800x600What are your renters thankful for? This month MHN pairs up with Kingsley Associates to see what residents most appreciate about their communities.

“The maintenance and office staff are incredibly nice and will drop what they are doing to assist you. Thanks!” —Dedham, Mass.

“The staff is always smiling and understanding. I love how they host so many activities for residents and look out for our safety. They make us feel like we are part of their family.” —Charleston, S.C.

“I appreciate that the staff encourages residents to give back to the community with the food boxes at Thanksgiving and Toy Drive at Christmas.” —Louisville, Ky.

“During these cold months, I appreciate the many indoor amenities and in-house shops.” —Chicago

“I am most appreciative of the quick, efficient maintenance service here. It makes a major difference in my decision to continue living at the complex.” —Jacksonville, Fla.

“I appreciate the higher ration of residents that are families, as opposed to being predominately students.” —Toledo, Ohio

“I appreciate that the leasing consultant took the time to provide information about the complex and other apartments in the area. She took into consideration my price range and helped me look for options that would work best for me.” —Wilmington, N.C.

“I enjoy that the community provides lots of activities and events for the kids and families. This is the first time we have lived somewhere that offers these kinds of things, and it’s much appreciated.” —Beltsville, Md.

“I enjoy living in a LEED Certified property. I appreciate the quality of construction and the security that it offers.” —Minneapolis

“I enjoyed and appreciated the pizza and wings party that was held in the office for the residents. There was so much food and I got to meet a lot of the residents. —Houston

“It was a pleasure to move into an apartment that was well taken care of and looked like new. The quality of the apartment and the cleanliness are appreciated and valued.” —Williamsburg, Va.

“The apartment has great amenities. In fact, I will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for my family in the clubroom. I love having friends over to cook out and sit by the outdoor fire pit. Very nice indeed!” —Oklahoma City

“I contacted maintenance after hours because my A/C was not working properly. They were able to fix the problem within an hour. This meant a lot to me since it was June and hot! Thanks for having a great team.” —Memphis, Tenn.

“Management and the staff pay attention to detail, the entire community is cared for with the utmost attention and issues that are both simple and complicated are solved immediately. I feel welcomed, special and appreciated.” —Arlington, Texas

“The leasing staff scheduled an appointment for me 20 minutes after I called. That was very generous of them to do so, and I really appreciated that they were so accommodating.” —Framingham, Mass.

“The staff is so very helpful. They make the residents feel like family. They’ve always been there when you need them and their follow-up is wonderful. The best I’ve ever seen!” —Portland, Ore.

“We are blessed with smart management. They work hard to keep the quality of living high at this building. They make a real effort to understand and resolve issues and to understand individual needs.” —Seattle

“One morning, I had left something on my floor that was harmful to my dog. Although it was not a maintenance problem, they went to my apartment and made sure my dog couldn’t get to the harful substance. I am so thankful the staff was there to help!” —Albuquerque, N.M.