Spooky Surprises

MHN partnered with Kingsley Associates to find out what residents thought about all things creepy crawly or otherwise spooky at their apartments.

Renters_FocusDoes anything go bump in the night at your community? In honor of Halloween, MHN partnered with Kingsley Associates to find out what residents thought about all things creepy crawly or otherwise spooky at their apartments.

“Upon move-in, the whole apartment was covered in black cat hair. I’m still finding some to this day.” —Broomfield, Colo.

“The layouts are open and inviting, and the back balconies have lovely sunsets over the cemetery, which is not nearly as creepy as it might seem.” —North Bergen, N.J.

“The spiders are literally everywhere outside. It’s very unappealing and they frighten me.” —Redmond, Wash.

“I never spoke to maintenance or saw when they came. As far as I can tell, a ghost fixed it. I’ll rate the service 10/10.” —Euless, Texas

“The top floor of the parking garage is never lit and it’s pitch black when you come home after dark. It’s scary.” —Plano, Texas

“Office workers responded very quickly while I was at work to save my wife from a spider. They also scheduled a pest control appointment.” —Virginia Beach, Va.

“The staff is always very helpful, even when there’s turnover. I really love getting candy on my door at Halloween and Christmas.” —Denver

“The bug problem needs to be addressed. We have seen many spiders and other bugs.” —Albuquerque, N.M.

“The community is clean and the staff are friendly. I thought it was sweet that they organized trick-or-treating for kids who live here.” —Burke, Va.

“It really bugs me that there’s no trick-or-treating or any community events.” —Clarkston, Wash.

“Not one thing has been done to rectify the noise situation, and I am still walking through my day like a frustrated, annoyed zombie due to lack of sleep.” —Irving, Texas

“I have complained about a black aggressive cat and have not had any response to the issue.” —Sandy Springs, Ga.