Safety First

Do your residents feel secure in their apartment community?

The safety of your residents should be a primary concern. This month, MHN partnered with Kingsley Associates to find out how renters feel about the security measures in their communities. What concerns them most, and what simple fixes could be made to make them feel more safe in their homes?

❝Lighting around the grounds needs to be checked regularly. Too many times I have had to walk in the dark back and forth to the laundry room. I am a single female and have felt very unsafe.❞
—Sacramento, Calif.

❝The gates are broken a lot and are left open as a result. I chose this apartment complex because I wanted to feel safe. When the gates are open, I do not feel as safe.❞
—Jacksonville, Fla.

❝Increased lighting and security cameras would help to maintain the reputation of the facility.❞
—Columbia, Md.

❝We used to see security staff walking around and now we don’t see them any more… I liked it when we got to know them and felt like they were watching out for us. ❞

❝I am very concerned with the safety in the parking areas. The gates need to be working at all times. ❞

❝The maintenance team does a fantastic job of making me feel safe and getting things done in a timely manner.❞
—Hillsboro, Ore.

❝I’d love it if the outdoor lighting (surrounding the grounds and the park) was improved. I think this would also make the apartment community safer.❞
—East Meadow, N.Y.

❝The locks on the doors to the apartment feel flimsy. But the lease does not permit me to do anything to upgrade the lock or install additional security on the door. I wish I could have more flexibility.❞
—Malvern, Pa.

❝Residents speeding through the apartment complex is a safety issue for residents and small children. This needs to be addressed immediately.❞
—Chula Vista, Calif.

❝One major gripe is the amount of flyers from the office that are stuck in my door. This is a major sign for thieves to know we are not home.❞
—Fairfax, Va.

❝I would like to be notified of any crime or unsafe conditions on the property. ❞
—Hillcrest Heights, Md.

❝The gym is great… but when I’m running on the treadmill with my headphones, I can’t hear—or see—who is entering the room. This is a safety issue that can be addressed by placing mirrors on the wall in front of the treadmills.❞
—Killeen, Texas

❝I would like to see more security/police walking hallways and cross-ways in all of the buildings. I would like cameras in the parking lots and brighter lights.❞

❝I would like to see speed bumps or speed dips installed throughout the community. People drive too fast through all of the parking areas. ❞
—Westminster, Colo.

❝Safety is becoming a concern due to the number of people raiding the trash collection areas. More than once I’ve gone to the dumpsters and opened the gate to find non-residents digging through trash, and it could be a safety concern.❞
—Santa Rosa, Calif.

❝There should be some kind of courtesy officer or someone to contact after business hours.❞
—West Columbia, S.C.

❝Why pay for parking when it’s not fully secured?❞