Renters’ Choice: How Noise Affects Renters

MHN and Kingsley Associates explore some of the sources of noise at a rental community, and examine how residents feel about it.

Renters_FocusThey say silence is golden, but we all know apartment living can be anything but. While sometimes noise can’t be avoided, there are other times that it can be controlled. MHN and Kingsley Associates explore some of the sources of noise at a rental community, and examine how residents feel about it.

“Quiet is important to me, as I am a shift worker. There are no screaming children, no barking dogs and no wild partying all night. I like it.” —Naperville, Ill.

“The fire alarm going off at random times is very distracting and very loud.” —Miami

“Overall, it is a comfortable place to live in, besides the fact that walls are so thing. You can hear EVERY single thing that people do on the top floor above you.” —Pomona, Calif.

“I would suggest getting rubber wheels for the maintenance carts. It’s pretty loud when they roll their carts around concrete flooring outside.” —Los Angeles

“You can hear peoples’ footsteps from about a hundred feet away. Perhaps some carpeting or sound barriers could add personality and decrease noise echoing.” —Austin, Texas

“The heavier carpet pad installed has been a great help with impact noise!” —Portland, Ore.

“My only complaint is my upstairs neighbors and the noise. I filed complaints that were never acknowledged. There is no way I can go another year with the noise that comes from upstairs.” —Kennesaw, Ga.

“The walls are thicker than other apartments. I like the fact that I get to rest and sleep well without being woken up by noises.” —Los Angeles

“Disappointed that carpeting is not installed in upper floors. The wood flooring is noisy.” —Nashua, N.H.

“Since I live facing the pool, it can get quite noisy and sometimes very late at night. I think there should be more restrictions there.” —Doral, Fla.

“Noisy neighbors are handled poorly and repeat violations appear to be my problem to deal with—very frustrating.” —Simi Valley, Calif.

“I love my apartment and amenities, but I don’t like that the structure has poor sound barriers. It is easy to hear neighbors talk and engage in other activities.” —Mukilteo, Wash.

“LOVE that I finally have a new washing machine that doesn’t sound like it is going to take off and doesn’t leak all over my floor. Thank you!” —Fairfax, Va.

“So far, my husband and I are enjoying living here. We are impressed with the reduction of sound outside of our unit as well as the quietness of the community.” —Knoxville, Tenn.

“The apartments are top-rate construction, with high quality materials, great insulation and soundproofing.” —Redwood City, Calif.

“”I can hear the person in the apartment above me every time they walk through their apartment, turn on an appliance, or use a bathroom. If you are going to perform renovations, put better sound insulation in.” —Atlanta

“High-quality apartment—walls are thick enough that I don’t have sound bleed from the living room to the bedrooms, which is a huge improvement over my last apartment.” —Fort Worth, Texas