RealPage Tackles Major HUD Changes to Data Transmission By Offering Online Training to Multifamily Clients

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorCarrolton, Texas–RealPage Inc. will be offering a comprehensive online training package for its multifamily clients on the changes, impacts and implementation of the upcoming TRACS 2.0.2C and TRACSMail changes mandated by the Department and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). TRACS 2.0.2C, which will replace TRACS 2.0.2B, is a new file format through which HUD properties send monthly data. TRACSMail, a modem-based system previously used to transmit data such as HUD property vouchers, will be being replaced by iMax or Modern Integrated Multifamily Access Exchange, which is a Web-based program.RealPage has 10,000 multifamily clients, all of whom will have access to the on-demand online training the company is organizing in phases.“These changes are pretty huge,” director of affordable housing at RealPage, Janel Ganim, tells MHN. “The last time HUD implemented big changes was three years back. Although these changes cost our company quite a bit, we believe they are positive changes, which eliminate confusion and implement consistency in what is on the forms, guidelines and the data itself.”RealPage’s multifamily software for affordable properties meets HUD regulations, and customer compliance with HUD regulations directly affect their customers’ bottom lines. “We are pleased to be able to go beyond no-charge software updates and make this training available to help ensure that our customers enjoy a smooth transition to TRACS 2.0.2C,” adds Ganim.The TRACS 2.0.2C training features industry expert Mary Ross in two of the modules covering everything clients need to know about TRACS 2.0.2C and the revised tenant certification (50059) and voucher (52670) forms. RealPage experts Ganim and Brian Sodaro will present the training modules on the impacts and implementation for the OneSite Affordable, HUDManager 2000 and HUDManager 2000 Plus products. Additional training components include a comprehensive downloadable workbook and daily live question and answer sessions for post-training follow-up.”We understand how difficult and expensive it is for our customers to travel for training, especially the smaller ones who also find it difficult to be out of the office for a period of time. That’s why we are offering this training online,” explains Ganim.