RealPage Introduces Scanning Feature to Document Management System

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorCarrolton, Texas–RealPage Inc., a provider of on-demand software and services to the multifamily industry, has launched a barcode-scanning feature for clients using its OneSite property management and OneSite Document Management systems.OneSite Document Management software provides electronic scanning and storage of documents and forms associated with property management business processes and procedures. The addition of the barcode functionality enables document scanning, which is essential to automating the scan-and-file process. Typically, the process is a major bottleneck for properties dealing with large amounts of paper.“A single property generates 40 cartons of paper per year and this includes only the leasing papers,” Alison Mcbay, manager of product development at RealPage, tells MHN.“All of this is stored in cabinets with property managers. The document management system not only allows easy storage but also adds a level of security to the them.”The barcode functionality enables users to generate cover sheets containing barcodes or barcode labels that contain identification information for resident documents or invoice records in the system. These barcodes can then be associated with the signed lease documents or paper invoices prior to scanning back into the system. This allows users to bulk scan documents directly into OneSite Document Management where, based on the information read from the barcode, the electronic images are automatically routed and filed in association with the record in the system.“The ability to assign barcodes to individual invoice records in OneSite allows property management companies to quickly import large quantities of paper invoices into the system,” says Clark Willey, vice president of product development for RealPage. “Property managers will notice significant time savings and error reduction.”The barcode feature also greatly enhances the existing “packet” process. Packets allow users to group together documents related to specific business processes, such as move-ins, move-outs, renewals and re-certifications. This new functionality gives users the ability to quickly generate and print barcodes for each document required in a packet, allowing the user to use the barcodes as a visual checklist prior to scanning the documents into the system.The barcode function comes built in with the document management system. All that a user needs is a scanner.