Realfacts and Meyers LLC Strategic Partnership

Novato, Calif.—Realfacts and Meyers LLC have announced a strategic partnership to position itself as the preeminent source of information to the apartment industry. Together, they will provide a variety of services to meet the growing need for reliable data coupled with interpretive data analysis. The two entities lend 50+ years of experience in building successful businesses with respected brands.

The partnership is a strategic alliance geared to comprehensively examine apartment markets as that sector gains momentum. Recent increases in demand and occupancy paint a healthy picture for apartment owners and investors in the next two years. Meyers and RealFacts each want to provide multifamily studies that are highly efficient and provide the most market insight. Their partnership provides clients with the information necessary to make educated investment decisions.

The partnership will publish a co-branded monthly newsletter, which  will serve as an important land acquisition tool for multifamily developers. As a result of the collaboration, both companies will co-host its own multifamily conference later this year. This conference will provide attendees with updated insight on specific trends in various apartment markets.