Put a Green Drain in to Keep Unwanted Guests Out

Liquid Breaker's Green Drain keeps unwanted guests and odors from entering your units via plumbing.

By Mike Ratliff, Senior Associate Editor

Green Drain PostLiving in New York City, you grow accustomed to seeing a variety of undesirable critters who also call this concrete jungle home. I have no problem with cockroaches on the street or subway, and it is funny to watch a rat try to run with a slice of pizza in its mouth (true story). However, this doesn’t mean I should put up with unwanted house guests because that is disgusting, and I would never sleep. The only time I have seen a roach in my personal residence has been in the sink. The thought of business card-sized bugs crawling back up the drain angry from a scolding hot waterslide ride is terrifying.

A Green Drain from Liquid Breaker would have prevented the whole ordeal. The one-way valve would also block a whole host of flies (the sphaerocerid fly, fruit fly, phroid fly and moth fly) that like to breed in and infest drains, traveling from one floor to the next in multi-storied buildings.

Liquid Breaker bills the silicon inserts—which can be installed in the pipe or in the drain housing—as a chemical-free solution that lasts several years after a quick installation. Green Drain also acts as a barrier trap protection device and helps to eliminate odors while keeping a drain fully functional.

Liquid Breaker prices the units starting at $39.95 a pop and offers deep discounts for buying in bulk. Visit LiquidBreaker.com for more info.