Property Solutions Survey Shows Marketing Trends Going Electronic

Provo, Utah--The results of Property Solutions’ marketing survey show that online marketing trends are growing in the multifamily industry.

Provo, Utah–Property Solutions International, Inc., provider of property management websites and payments, distributed its marketing budget survey to property management executives in December to explore 2010 marketing budgets for multifamily management companies and anticipate changes for 2011.

Source: Property Solutions

The survey concludes that the multifamily industry is embracing the new age of marketing more and more. On average in 2010, property managers allocated almost 53 percent of their marketing budget to online methods and only 47 percent toward traditional methods, and those numbers are expected to slant more toward web-based marketing in the coming year. All respondents plan to increase their spending on every online platform in 2011, with the average projection for online marketing increase at 15 percent.

The majority of participants were marketing executives of large to mid-sized multifamily management companies.