Products Seen on the AIA Show Floor

Colored Glass Blocks by Pittsburgh Corning IntroducedUsed for interior applications only, Pittsburgh Corning’s new Designer Select Art series of colored glass blocks provides architects and interior designers the opportunity to collaborate. The blocks also offer residents a wider variety of color.This series marks the company’s introduction pf colored glass blocks, which are available in burgundy, iridescent, krinkle, sky blue, satin and white. Because of pattern variations, no two blocks are identical, making each design unique. The designs are available in 8 x 8 x 4 in.Made mostly from sand and limestone, glass blocks are 100 percent recyclable, as well as low maintenance. Additionally they can help achieve LEED points by optimizing energy performance and eliminating VOCs.Pocket Door Locks from Von MorrisAdding to its line of architectural hardware, Von Morris has introduced pocket door locks. The locks offer recessed pull handles, recessed standard key locking cylinders or folding bit keys, allowing the keys to remain in the lock without affecting the surrounding millwork. Also available are recessed emergency release turnpieces and blank non-locking plates.The locks are available in the company’s six standard collection styles: Bamboo, Beaded, Deco, Moorestown, Ribbon & Reed and Weave, as well as in its Abington, Westown and Newtown designs. The locks come in 30 Von Morris finishes.Some door preparation is required prior to installing the pocket door lock. At the door’s nose and rear edge, 1/2-in. thick moldings are applied to both faces and the trim surrounding must be at least 5/8-in. from the door’s face. The door’s minimum thickness is 1 3/4 in.Hunter Panels H-Shield DWDIn a continued effort to be more energy efficient, Hunter Panels has introduced its newest insulation panel, the H-Shield DWD. The rigid roof insulation panel is comprised of polyisocyanurate foam core laminated to coated, glass fiber mat facers and is manufactured using NexGen Chemistry, a non-ODP, CFC-free, EPA-compliant formula.Designed to improve a rooftop’s fire and moisture resistance, the panel, when installed at a thickness of three inches or more, is approved for a Class A assembly without using an additional fire-rated slipsheet or gypsum coverboard. For thinner panels, the H-Shield DWD is approved for a Class B assembly.The panel is available in 4 x 4 ft. and 4 x 8 ft., in thicknesses ranging from one to four inches. Additionally, it is expected improve a building’s energy efficiency, consequently reducing heating and cooling costs.