Products from the Greenbuild Show Floor

Architectural Area Lighting Offsets Carbon Emissions Architectural Area Lighting (AAL) introduces its Cubic Indirect fixture, which utilizes LEDs (light-emitting diodes). With an angular design and stainless steel vertical struts, the fixture is available in a square or round upper reflector, designed to direct the illumination to the ground with no stray light, resulting in more light with less energy consumption.The wall-mount version comes with an emergency lighting option that can illuminate corridors, building entrances and exterior passageways. A hidden MR16 lamp can be angled 15 degrees in either direction, providing the code-required, one-ft. candle path-of-egress illumination.The finish consists of a five-stage pretreatment regiment and is top-coated with a thermoset super TGIC polyester power coat finish, available in 13 colors.AAL, the first carbon neutral lighting manufacturer in North America, also unveiled its “Carbon Neutral for Life” program, which will provide building owners and operators the opportunity to neutralize their carbon footprints. The program’s offset credits can be purchased in one-, five- and10-year durations.TexCote’s CoolWall System Comprised of Recycled ContentTexCote introduces its environmentally friendly CoolWall System, 10 percent of which is composed of recycled content—mainly recycled glass. The new system contributes LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Credits for recycled content.The CoolWall System incorporates heat reflective technology that reflects the sun’s infrared energy and UV radiation. The product is claimed to lower exterior wall surface temperatures by as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit and reduce cooling costs by 21.9 percent. Texcote’s CoolWall System is designed to be 10 times thicker than ordinary paint and its Fade Block technology prevents colors from fading, allowing architects the option of 570 colors.Sloan Valve Company’s Greywater System Reduces Potable Water Sloan Valve Company offers its new Sloan Aqus Greywater System, which reclaims greywater from bathroom drains to reuse it in toilets. The installation of the system contributes to LEED points.The system funnels water from sinks to a sanitizing device, where it then goes into a storage reservoir under the sink. When a toilet is connected to the system, water is pumped from the reservoir to the flush tank, consequently reducing the amount of clean, potable water needed for toilets.