IW25 In-Wall Dehumidifier

Innovative Dehumidifier Systems is touting its debut product as the only multifamily-unit-size dehumidifier on the market. The freestanding product is discreet and works automatically, removing as much as 22 gallons of water in one unit per week.

As environmental standards grow stricter, more builders are putting their focus on the airtightness of a given property. Energy, emissions and costs can be saved by using efficient insulation that traps in heat or air conditioning and keeps out moisture or pollutants.

Radiator_BackgroundMold, dust mites and mildew, however, thrive in the kind of moisture an airtight apartment can produce. In order to combat mold, mildew and other health hazards while maintaining sustainability standards, Innovative Dehumidifier Systems developing a dehumidifier unit that is specifically suited for use in multifamily units. The IW25 unit automatically pulls up to 25 pints of air moisture daily while collected water empties through a hidden gravity drain. The ENERGY STAR® certified unit operates quietly and independently of the property’s HVAC system.

It runs at high efficiency, with the company reporting expected energy consumption reduction of about one-third. Developers can receive LEED and EarthCraft points by utilizing the IW25 while saving money on energy costs and providing a cleaner, healthier indoor environment for residents.