Product Spotlight: AeonVirtual

The virtual reality company creates interactive tours of communities under construction to provide a lifelike tour experience for prospective residents and investors.

Apartment hunters in today’s real estate market are likely to start the search for their new home online, and will judge a prospective home based on what they see. While fancy websites with beautifully staged pictures are always impressive, the current market is extremely competitive, and renters can almost make decisions without even stepping foot on a property first. While yesterday’s marketing strategy involved an immersive in-person leasing center experience with a tour and helpful leasing agent to answer questions, today’s strategy must account for the online research that a renter is bound to do before even thinking about touring a community in person.

aeonWhile this increase in digital research could be seen as a challenge, companies like AeonVirtual are wholly embracing it as a way to give prospective renters a virtual tour of the community even before construction is complete. AeonVirtual specializes in developing lifelike virtual tours of properties that are interactive and can be conducted in real time. Prospective renters, investors or buyers can explore a property’s exterior and interior as well as the surrounding neighborhood in order to obtain a comprehensive idea of what a property will look like long before the property’s completion.

In an experience almost like navigating a video game, viewers can virtually walk through a community and interact with their surroundings from different vantage points. The technology allows for prospective residents or investors to completely reimagine the space as their own by changing the floors or countertops, adjusting the color of the walls, turning on a TV or fireplace or dimming the lights. Designed to be viewed on a touchscreen tablet or smartphone, AeonVirtual’s tours can be conducted from anywhere, and can be a selling point for pre-leasing as well as investing. With images so detailed that viewers can see reflections in glass and even the texture of the furniture fabrics, prospective renters and investors can feel confident in their decision to invest in properties that are yet to be completed.

All media courtesy of AeonVirtual