Private Security Services Become Increasingly Common Across Multifamily Communities

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorSacramento, Calif.–Private security services, provided as an amenity as well as necessity, have become increasingly common on site at multifamily communities. When small problems such as domestic disturbance or petty theft occur on a property, having private security services can be more efficient than calling 911. As a result, some renters prefer staying in communities where private security is offered.USA MultiFamily is one such property manager. The company uses Paladin private security services across six of its properties in Sacramento featuring 1,041 units.  “We believe private security is an amenity as well as a necessity and is becoming the norm,” Tarna Sadler, regional manager at USA Multifamily, tells MHN. “There is a rise in petty thefts and small crimes in some of the neighborhoods where our properties are located, and we find it very useful to have Paladin’s services.”Paladin Private Security is one of Sacramento’s largest private patrol firms and it deploys over 55 patrol vehicles and officers throughout the Greater Sacramento Area. The company maintains a staff of 130 employees across its full-time Patrol, Dispatch and Fleet Services Divisions.Matt Carroll, vice president and operations manager of Paladin Private Security, tells MHN, “The police department does not always have time to deal with issues such as peeping toms, breaking into a washing machine and other quality of life issues. Obviously they have to prioritize. That’s where we step in.”Carroll says there has been a paradigm shift in recent years in the way property owners or managers view security. “Use of the word security used to be a no-no for these guys. Potential renters would ask why the building needs security services—is the building safe enough? Now, it is the people who ask for on-site security.”He also says that multifamily owners and managers now look for services that provide armed guards, which used to not be the case only a few years ago.Sadler adds, “There is no doubt that private security services help us retain our existing renters and attract new renters. A 24-hour dispatch service is very helpful to our renters, most of whom are home when offices are closed. The after-hours service ensures that our renters get any issues resolved when they are home.”