Pest Control

Tools that property managers can rely on to stave off those pesky invaders.

By Philip Shea, Associate Editor

The Orkin Solution

Effective pest management is a process, not a one-time event. As such, Orkin’s proprietary approach is a collaborative, ongoing cycle of three critical activities that help keep pests in their place. This company has over 100 years of experience, provides stellar training and always opts for environmentally responsible methods of management. A specialized exterminator conducts comprehensive inspections, detecting any environmental issues or structural conditions conducive to pests and only opting for product treatment if other methods fail (

Bedlam Aerosol Insecticide

Bedlam Insecticide is a powerful aerosol designed to control bed bugs, lice and dust mites. This exceptional product kills the notoriously difficult-to-eliminate bed bugs and their eggs and lasts up to two weeks on wood and ceramic surfaces and carpet. In the long-term, Bedlam reduces egg hatch in both susceptible and some resistant strains of bed bugs. This water-based, non-irritating product is applicable to non-food areas of apartments (

Expedient Environmental Solutions

Serving communities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, Expedient Environmental Solutions LLC focuses not only on direct pest control, but also on conditions such as mold, bacteria and structural damage that create the ideal environment for pests to take up residence. Such an environment, aptly penned a “crawl space,” can be effectively prevented/eliminated with specialized Expedient products such as a vapor barrier system, dehumidifier, crawlspace sump and thermal insulation (

HomeTeam Pest Defense

Focusing on common pests such as ants and bed bugs as well as rodents and the less common earwig, HomeTeam Pest Defense offers a truly comprehensive solution for extermination services. Headquartered in Dallas, this company has branches throughout the Southeast, Southwest and California and focuses on preventive solutions such as wood and soil pretreatment in addition to extermination. Services available for both single-family and multifamily homebuilders and commercial properties (

PCS Electric Pest Control Heater

An electric pest control heater by Pest Control Supplies is ideal for apartments and dorm rooms, eliminating pests quickly, safely and quietly. There are no risks of pesticides and deadly carbon monoxide, unpleasant fumes, odor, fire and explosion. There is also no risk of the water vapor and mold associated with gas, kerosene and propane heaters, making this the ideal solution for residential applications (

ActiveGuard™ Mattress Liners

ActiveGuard™ mattress liners by Allergy Technologies LLC provide the first, proven, long-term solution to the dust mite problem that kills house dust mites in mattresses for up to two years. With over 40,000 units sold worldwide, ActiveGuard™ liners are as quick and easy to install as a fitted sheet and are thin, cool, comfortable, odorless and breathable. ActiveGuard™ mattress liners are now approved as an integral part of a successful bed bug management program (