Outdoor Lamps Shed Lots of Lumens with Low Power

The new post top fixtures from LEDTronics are optimized for walkways and pathways or parking lots.
New LEDtronics models. Image courtesy of LEDtronics

LEDtronics has added new lighting solutions to its series of decorative LED post top fixtures, which are designed to illuminate facilities and spaces including parking lots, pathways, outdoor malls, campuses and schools. The new PTF000 fixture is optimized for walkways and pathways, while the higher-voltage PTF001 model is ideal for parking lots.

Part of the PTF series of dimmable, decorative LED post top fixtures, the products feature solid-state construction that is resistant to shock, vibration and environmental extremes, as well as durable aluminum housing with dark bronze or black coating and a high-transmission lens. Designed for load-bearing poles, the lightweight fixtures are easy to install.

Both units produce a high amount of lumens with a low amount of power. The PTF000 fixture consumes only 70 watts, although it can replace metal-halide/HPS lamps of up to 300 watts. The PTF001 model consumes 205 watts while replacing MH/HPS units of up to 600 watts, representing an 80 percent energy saving over high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps.