Otis Launches Sustainable Residential Elevator

Apartment builders have a new sustainable instrument in their development toolbox thanks to Gen2 Swtich, a new residential elevator by Otis.

Farmington, Conn.—Apartment builders have a new instrument in their development toolbox thanks to Otis Elevator Company. The world’s largest manufacturer of elevators has introduced a new residential version of their Gen2 elevator that is more sustainable and easier to install than traditional elevators.

Known as Gen2 Switch, the new elevator eliminates the need for three phase power, meaning it can run off of a normal 120 volt electrical outlet. By relying only on single-phase power, the Gen2 residential elevator is a good choice for retrofits or in new buildings where the elevator would be the only three-phase power installation.

The Gen2 is able to run on single-phase power because it is 75 percent more energy efficient than traditional elevators, according to Otis. The elevators achieve this feat by employing a ReGen drive that feeds energy normally lost in braking back into the building’s electrical grid or in the case of Gen2 Switch, back into a battery. The battery also serves as a backup during a power failure, ensuring that none of your residents are stranded during a blackout.

The Gen2 Switch is also the first low-power offering in the Gen2 system, and requires 12 times less installed power from the grid compared to a standard Gen2 residential elevator. The single-phase technology is also capable of drawing from renewable power, making the elevator the perfect solution for apartment developments with solar panels.